Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bahia Honda State Park

This was back in June when my lovely cousin Margarita drove us through the Keys and took us to Bahia Honda. My friend Simon From Germany was visiting and what better place to go than the keys where the water is clear and you can walk on white warm sand. He loved it and OH so did I.

I played and had lots of fun... Sometimes I think I am the only one having fun. But is ok everyone enjoys moments in different levels. I just overly exaggerate my excitement :)

Bahia Honda also has camping grounds right next to the water and I've heard the stars are magical at night. ( But you have to constantly be on the website trying to get a spot because it is always booked). Must stay positive!!!  SO that is a must do in the near future. I hope you like the pictures...ohh it makes me want to drive there right now :) is only one hour and a half a way!

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