Friday, June 25, 2010

Simon has beautiful nights

Fair Child Botanical Garden


I am happy to say my car has been fixed! So I have been out of the apartment and in the real world and visiting family. Also my plants are doing better. I figured out the brown coloring of the leaves was there was no air coming through the pots so i took the bottom of the pot off and ...da,..da..holes! I am tempted to buy more plants and even a squared box, but I shall wait until I get at least flowers. I believe this is a week since my "patience" experiment and so far so good. Yay today I get to go to Tropical Fairchild Garden. Picture will surely follow. Picture above is from a park in Chi-town from last years Lollapalloza .I approve-clean cities,with lots of flower gardens and ...FRIENDS.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kwoon - I lived on the Moon

ohh this bed of mine.

Today getting out of bed was one of the hardest thing to do. Is as if I didn't have reason to get up. Yeah, that is sad but true. I need to get out of here or i will eventually go crazy. On a good note!! I am reading this wonderful book called "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine. M.D. It is amazingly interesting and is making me view my female mannerisms and monthly crazy stages(  ..OH yeah there are many) in a new light. Is so amazing how things have changed. since 1970's. I have done a comparison between two books.

 A. Woman In Therapy, by Harriet Goldhor, Ph. D. copyright 1988, and The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine M.D. copyright 2006.

well the first talks about woman in a psychological point of view and giving examples on why woman act and react in certain ways, history and genes. The later explains and it shows more scientific biological studies and talks about hormones and how they affect the female body and thinking.
One of the reasons why i chose to do this reading is because I have noticed a pattern every month that seems to only get worst with years. I get the worst PMS anyone could ever imagine. It is so weird since I am a very outgoing nice person. Well it turns out that I may be allergic to a hormone called Progesterone which causes me to be EXTRA moody and it is produced more the week before my period. Now that I am aware I am able to notice the changes and find a natural remedy. You can't let people call you  crazy because they think they know and think they  can talk to you like that....I will diagnose myself and apply my own medicine. I always think people should be aware of their minds,body and souls. DON'T let anyone dictate how you should deal with any of the three. :)

Sur le fil...