Friday, July 16, 2010

What is going on?

So today I go and do my weekly run for things I need to live on a weekly basis like food and other things like a black Polo for a special job and drop off some things at the post office.  If you live in Miami you may be aware that there is major construction on every highway from the 826,836,112, I95 and every other major street you can imagine. You may think that is to make the roads better BUT is to build sunpass towers ( not to give jobs- these are towers) all over Miami. Since I am a person that understand the value of money deeply I started to think the following while I passed my first Sunpass on my way home and this is what i came up with- If you are a person that works in Miami you will pass a sunpass operator A) on your way to work and B) on your way back home. Daily that is if you have a sunpass average $2.50 a day $17.50 a week. If you are an American/non American but super hardworker!! working in Miami your average paycheck a week is around $230.00 dollars a week only if you work a 40 hour job. (that is if you have a job)

Now everything is relative and this is what I think is affecting the whole thing and why i don't agree with our dear DOT placing all of those Sunpass Towers.

You can't buy yourself a YUMMY ..YUMMY $5.00 smoothie ( luxury) anymore. WHY you may ask. Well, since you had to give it to a SUNPASS operator (  MUST pay ).  Now the Smoothie KING had to close down and let go of two part-time employees one manager and of course "the owner had to evacuate the premises" Leaving the owner of the building with a mortgage to pay to the bank. :(

Now you may say what does a Sunpass has to do with all of this? Well this is just one of the things that we pay for that is "HIGHWAY ROBBERY" lol get it? lol . Anyways... We are like little ants working and working and everyday there is something new we have to pay for and less jobs and less money to pay it with. I don't know but to me this all looks wrong and it will collapse weather I like it or is inevitable.

I didn't get a smoothie but...  I got the most gorgeous little knitted dress for Lolla at a thrift store for just $5.00 . (smoothies have too much sugar). yay to me!! Here is the Picture.

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